Crisis Solution:
Mitigating Disruption
Using Your LMS

Tap a Powerful Tool You Already Own

COVID-19 highlights the need for a rapid business response and your Learning Management System (LMS) can be a key part of keeping your team informed—and your company open for business.

Watch the first of our video series below.

Video #1:

Overcome Business Disruption and Worker Anxiety
Your LMS can be your key solution for quickly rallying your staff, keeping them informed and helping them cope with anxiety. Watch to learn how.


Video #2:

Streamline Meetings and Virtual Trainings
Hosting meetings and instructor-led training through your LMS can save time, aggravation and provide easy reporting. Absorb Senior VP, Product, Craig Basford shares the details.

Video #3:

Prepare for WFH Challenges
Managing a work-from-home team presents challenges—including some you’ve yet to encounter. Absorb Senior VP, Product, Craig Basford explains how your LMS can be part of the solution to getting your team prepared, informed and socially engaged.


Video #4: 

Embrace the Flexibility of Mobile Learning 
Taking a mobile approach to training gives your learners—and your business—increased flexibility when it’s needed most. Absorb Senior VP, Product, Craig Basford shares tips for getting started, including ensuring your courses are mobile-ready.


Using Your LMS to Navigate COVID-19
Discover what makes your LMS the perfect tool for keeping employees informed and connected as they navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.

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